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High Specification Refrigerated Trailers

We provide 2.6 metre, 3 metre and 4.2 metre refrigerated trailers and have a number available for short or long term hire. Each trailer can be sent to your required location at a given date, or the same day in the case of equipment malfunction.

All our trailers are Towmaster trailers which are constructed to a high specification

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Easy-to-site & locate fridge freezer trailer

Highly manoeuverable, this fridge trailer is ideal if space is limited and can quickly and easily be moved into a suitable location.

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Controllable internal temperature

This fridge trailer is fitted with a Govi Artick 2000 fridge unit offering an easily adjusted operating temperature range from +10°C to -20°C.

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Flexible Interior

The fridge trailer is for sale with an empty interior, free of fixtures, so you can set it up in whatever layout suits your requirements best and change the interior layout whenever required.

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Optional Pallet Door

For easy delivery drop off.

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Easy to Clean

The non slip floor, with drain point and wipe clean interior is extremely easy to clean down after use.

Small 2.6m refrigerated trailer

Small Trailer Dimensions

Internal dimensions:

  • 2504mm long x 1250mm wide x 1830mm height.
  • This equates to 5 m₃ [cubic metres] of cooling space/refrigeration capacity.

External dimensions:

  • 4270mm long x 1886mm wide x 2460mm tall.
Medium 3m refrigerated trailer

Medium Trailer Dimensions

Internal dimensions:

  • 2834mm long x 1834mm wide x 1990mm tall.
  • This equates to 10 m₃ [cubic metres] of cooling space/refrigeration capacity.

External dimensions:

  • 3000mm long x 2470mm wide x 2620mm tall.
  • 3000kg gross weight
  • 2 axles


refrigerated trailers

Large Trailer Dimensions

Internal dimensions:

  •  4034mm long x 1834mm wide x 1990mm height.
  • This equates to 14 m₃ [cubic metres] of cooling space/refrigeration capacity.

External dimensions:

  • 5800mm long x 2470mm wide x 2620mm tall.
  • 3000kg gross weight
  • 2 axles

Standard Features

  • Non slip vinyl floor & upstand
  • Drain point for ease of cleaning
  • Lockable wide single personnel door (at rear) with internal emergency release
  • Door aperture 880 wide x 1815 high.
  • Slide out personnel step
  • Automatic interior light & chiller
  • Light – on when door opens, off when door closes
  • Chiller – off when door opened, on when door closed
  • 83mm insulated panels & roof (including 50mm insulated floor)
  • Lockable coupling with integral lock
  • Twin axle
  • 3000kg gross weight
  • Fully galvanised chassis
  • Stainless steel fixings/hinges etc Anodised aluminium extrusions
  • Full EC approved road lights
  • Full EC trailer type approval

Our Trailers On Site

Our refrigerated trailers on location at various client sites